Club re-signs Sigurdsson

New Plymouth Rangers are delighted to announce the re-signing of experienced midfielder John Sigurdsson. After 10 years at the club the youthful midfielder is just reaching his peak and this contract extension promises to give Rangers the best years of his career. Club President, Monty Ammundsen stated this was his best piece of business in his time in charge and signals the clubs intentions. “John has been instrumental in our charge towards the National League, and with another few years anything is possible, perhaps even a stint in the A-League”. Whilst Sigurdsson is only one player, he does lift the fortunes of the club, literally, on and off the field. His poster boy good looks bring in sponsors the likes of L’Oréal and Gillette which benefit the club and enable it to have such lofty aspirations. Club Treasurer Graeme Cooper, who is in his first year in the role didn’t expect to be so busy. “Since the news was announced, my phone has been ringing hot from potential sponsors wanting to know how they can be a part of this movement. We only have so much space for product placement around our club and our reach isn’t quite global yet so unfortunately a lot of these companies will be left disappointed”

Ammundsen says this is just the start of a revolution and has targeted other players to join the squad but they have to fit the “Rangers” mould that Sigurdsson provides in spades. “We are looking for height, long gangly limbs and an unnerving ability to lead the opposition into a false sense of superiority. Speed and skill aren’t so important if you have these traits that Sigurdsson has, he is the true modern day footballer”.

Sigurdsson comes from good Icelandic genes that have also produced distant cousin Gylfi who is currently plying his trade in the Premier League for Everton. Whilst Everton isn't necessarily a very good club, it is a small step up from Rangers although our fans might disagree. Iceland has qualified for the Fifa World Cup in 2018 and coincidentally John Sigurdsson has requested leave for 5 games and will be in Europe in June. Perhaps he knows more than he is letting on.

With six weeks until the season starts, this signing is a huge step in the right direction for New Plymouth Rangers and as Ammundsen so eloquently stated “anything is possible”

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