Junior Summer Football

Please ensure all players wear flat-soled trainers or runners - no studs, cleats or sprigs. Thank you.

General Rules:

  • 5 players on the field at one time

  • 10 minutes each way - 1 minute half time (turn-a-round)

  • Games will start on time by air horn.  Half time and full time.

  • Only the goal keeper is allowed in the "D" (goal area)

  • Goal clearance kick must touch ground before half way

  • Throw-ins’ will be a kick in

  • No offsides

  • All other football rules apply (i.e) No hand to ball..... etc

  • Rolling subs

  • Teams to supply referee for half a game each

  • No boots are to be worn - turf shoes or runners are acceptable

  • Shin pads must be worn

8th grade and 12th grade teams, please note your different start times.


Remember to collect player of the day vouchers from the shop beforehand.

Pitch one will remain closed for repair so please walk around the perimeter.


Other points to note:


  • BBQ with sausages, chips available plus shop with refreshments

  • Please remind kids not to swing on the goals and keep out of the bushes!

  • Please remind children not to kick up holes in turf

  • Please help with putting away goals and return balls after the last game

  • Fees can be paid to the shop

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