5 out of 5 clean sheets not enough for the boys in Blue

On Taranaki anniversary weekend, New Plymouth Rangers hosted the Taranaki Masters Football tournament at Merrilands Domain. The sun came out and so did the wind in great force, encouraging teams to keep the ball on the deck and to feet, although this is a given at most masters tournaments anyway. Six teams were competing for the title and were set the gruelling task of playing 5 games in the one day in a straight round robin league format. This is always a tough ask for anyone but when you put 80 men ranging in age from 35 to 60 in stifling heat for the day and ask them to run around for over 3 hours, it is a recipe for disaster. Luckily before the competition began, tournament organiser

Taranaki’s premier football team has withdrawn from the Central League.

Team Taranaki is a composite team and its players are affiliated to clubs in Taranaki who release them to train and play. But coach Ian McGrath told this week’s annual meeting it can’t field a squad strong enough to compete in the league. The meeting approved a plan to withdraw from the competition and inform clubs. It almost certainly spells the end of the TT concept which was launched in 2003. The TT annual meeting was told the organisation is financially in the black. Team Taranaki’s position is expected to go to Havelock North. If they join, the competition will comprise seven clubs from greater Wellington, two from Hawke’s Bay and one from Wairarapa. Taranaki’s highest ranked club,

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